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Where it began....

We are J.G.B Steelcraft (UK) Limited, an engineering company based in Hillington Industrial Estate. Our company was established in 1977.

Our journey into producing ‘Official Firepits’ began in lockdown.

Whilst we worked through the pandemic, like the rest of the nation we spent our free time at home. It became apparent during this time that there was a rapid acceleration of trends in home and garden improvements.

If we couldn’t socialise inside, then we would do it outside!

We had beer deliveries from our local pub and spent the summer sitting in our front gardens chatting to our neighbours across the road (and I mean socially distanced across the road!)  As the chilly evenings descended, the need for a Fire Pit was apparent and the story starts there… we made one for ourselves, for our neighbours, then a friend of a friend etc.

Many people began requesting Fire Pits in the design of their favourite football teams which unfortunately raised a copyright issue. This led us to begin the arduous task of contacting several football teams with a view to securing Licence Agreements to produce official licensed merchandise.

We are proud to be the first steel manufacturing company to collaborate with the Scottish Football Association and one of the first to tap into this market legitimately.

We work on a one-to-one basis with all the clubs to support their brand awareness and reduce the number of counterfeit products on the market.

Hand Crafted - Made in Scotland

We don’t mass produce; we make each Fire Pit by hand in-house from the design process right through to the finished product with our amazing team of craftsmen and women.

With full accreditations in place, you can rest assured that our products are manufactured to the highest quality by our in-house team.

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Award winning....

We were overwhelmed to be proud winners of two ROCCO awards in 2021.

One for Outstanding Performing Business sponsored by University of the West of Scotland and one for Young Business Person of the Year for our owner Andrew O'Brien, sponsored by Rolls Royce.

Amazing recognition for the whole team at JGB and Official Fire Pits.

ROCCO Award Winner 2021 - Young Business Person of the Year
ROCCO Award Winner 2021 - Outstanding Performing Business 5-25 Employees
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